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The world of scholarship searching is a big one.  Attending a college or university can be a financial burden that some students simply cannot afford without some help. Scholarships are monetry awards given by private donors, schools, states, foundations, or corporations to students who meet certain eligibility criteria. There are many websites and people out there that can be helpful to you in your scholarship search.  We will be posting scholarships that we receive in our office, and many of these are local in nature.  Please do not stop your search here because this is only a very small portion of what is out there. As always, see your counselor with questions.

Scholarship Search

The BHSN Counseling Department doesn’t specifically endorse any one website because there are lots of options that provide different experiences and results. Below are a few websites that have been successful for past students: 


College Board Scholarship Search

Going Merry

Scholarship Owl

Career One Stop


Additional Resources

College Financial Aid

Don’t forget to take a look at your college’s official financial aid website. They will have a list of internal scholarships and grants you can apply to. Colleges also offer scholarships through certain departments or specific majors. 


Local Organizations

Look local! You’d be surprised what you can find in your nearby community. Opportunities from rotary clubs, foundations, banks, and more. Remember, local awards are often easier to win that national scholarships, since the applicant pool is likely smaller. 


Applying to scholarships can seem daunting, but if you are persistent and set aside time every week to look through scholarships that you may be eligible for, there is a better chance it will pay off. Literally. Every dollar you get from a scholarship is a dollar you won’t have to repay or borrow in student loans.