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Counseling Team

Counseling Department Staff

Name  E-mail  Currently working with Students:   Ext
 Ashley Flittner  Social Worker  51968
 Greg Chaffin    A-CRA  50146
 Katie Clarke  CRB-HEN  52318
 Katherine Edmonds  HEO-MEN  51708
 Melanie Humbard  Graduation Coach  51552
 Kathy Rillo  MEO-SCHN  50220
 Julie Speer  SCHO-Z  53223
 Lori Tatlock  Registrar/Administrative Assistant  51535

BHSN Counseling Department Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

All MCCSC students are collaborative life-long learners who demonstrate strong character and resiliency to engage in an environment of mutual respect. Students are poised for success to confidently face opportunities to their greatest potential


Mission Statement

The MCCSC school counseling program is culturally responsive to the unique needs and voices of our diverse student body. As learner-driven, data-informed student advocates, we ensure equitable access to academic, career, and social emotional growth. In collaboration with corporation and community stakeholders, students will continue to evolve as productive, responsible, and inclusive global citizens.