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AP Exam Info & Registration


Step-by-Step Guide for ALL
Students Taking an AP Course

Step 1: Create OR Login to College Board Account

If you have already created a College Board account for PSAT, SAT, or AP do not create a 2nd account. Multiple accounts could prevent SAT or AP scores from correctly being reported to colleges.

Students can create an account or verify that they have an account at . Here are some helpful hints:

  • Students must have their own e-mail address associated with their account. This cannot be a school email address because it does not accept e-mails from outside the corporation. Students need to be able to receive emails from College Board. If an account has already been created, please check this and change it if necessary.
  • If students have problems with their account, please contact College Board. They will not allow schools or counselors to talk on student’s behalf. Call 888-225-5427 or email

Step 2: Join Class Using “Join Code”

  • Sign into My AP
  • Click “Join a Course or Exam”
  • Enter your “Join Code” (Provided by AP Teacher)
  • Must complete Step 2 for each AP course enrolled

Step 3: Exam Registration

  • Students planning to take the AP exam must complete this step before step 4.

  • Activate Exam – Students log into their AP Class on MyAP ( to join the online AP Class. Activate the exam by clicking on “Register for Exam.”

Step 4: Submit Exam Fees (Deadline: November 1st, 2023)

  • Families can pay by check, money order, credit card or debit card. The link to the payment system is on the BHSN AP Registration page:

 Bloomington HS NORTH AP Exam Payment Form 

  • Detailed information about AP exams and exam fees can be found on the BHSN website under the guidance tab.
  • Exams will not be ordered if payment is not completed by the registration deadline.
  • Students who are eligible for free/reduced lunch can receive a waiver by contacting Kat Edmonds (

Other Information related to AP Exams

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AP Coordinators

Jessica Willis, Assistant Principal
812-330-7724 ext. 50255

Katherine Edmonds, Counselor
812-330-7724 ext. 51078